The primary goal of the Armenian Society of New Zealand is to offer all local Armenians an opportunity to connect, interact and uphold their Armenian identity through various experiences. By becoming a Member of the Society you will provide essential support for activities, events and projects that allow us to deliver on our goals for all generations of Armenians and Armenian families in New Zealand every year. Please note, the Armenian Society of New Zealand is a not-for-profit organisation and is governed by a team of community elected volunteers. Full details can be found in the ASNZ constitution document.

As an Armenian or someone who is interested in Armenian culture, you’re welcome to attend monthly gatherings in Auckland that incorporate cooking classes, table tennis, backgammon, chess, children’s workshops and more.

 In addition, you can attend feature events for film screenings, quiz nights, bingo, cultural/art events, and so on. You can also join us for special speakers and presentations – both online and live.

 Armenian families with children can access the exclusive Family Facebook group for sharing relevant resources, ideas and experiences.

Why become a Member of the Armenian Society of New Zealand?

Membership Options

Your Armenian Society of New Zealand Membership is validated by your monthly payments, and rolls over month to month.

Over 18 years
$ 15 / Month
Inclusive of all children under 18 years
$ 25 / Month
Copy of student ID required
$ 10 / Month
Aged over 65 years
$ 10 / Month

Become a Member

If you’re interested in becoming a Member of the Armenian Society of New Zealand, please complete this form and we will be in touch to finalise your application.

    ASNZ Constitution terms and conditions